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Australia: Debating Atheism, Lectures and Courses

From the 20 September 2013 Hamza Andreas Tzortzis will travel to Australia to deliver a range of AlKauthar “Dawah Power” courses, lectures on the rational foundations of Islam and the purpose of life. Hamza will also engage in two major debates with two leading Australian atheists, including Dr. John Perkins who is an economist, mathematical modeller and software developer. He is a member of the Humanist Society of Victoria, the Rationalist Society of Australia, the Australian Skeptics, is a Public Relations team member of the Atheist Foundation of Australia, and is the founding President of the Secular Party of Australia.

The itinerary is shown and will be updated:

Friday, September 20: Melbourne
Debate at Swinburne University, BA201, BA Building
Islam or Atheism – Which makes more sense?
with Faraz Nomani and Matthew McArthur and Dr. John Perkins

Saturday, September 21: Melbourne
AlKauthar course Dawah Power
More details here

Sunday, September 22: Melbourne
AlKauthar course Dawah Power
More details here

Monday, September 23: Melbourne
Articulating Islam on the streets of Melbourne, TBA

Monday, September 23: Melbourne
TBC (possible lecture at Melbourne Madina)
Title: Is Life just a game?

Tuesday, September 24: Sydney
Debate at University of Sydney, Footbridge Theatre
The Godless Delusion
With Ian Bryce, University Lecturer and Vice-President of the Secular Party of Australia

Wednesday, September 25: Canberra
Lecture: “The purpose of life”
Immediately after sunset prayers
CIC Complex Hall, 221 Clive Steele Avenue Monash ACT 2904

Thursday, September 26: Brisbane
Lecture at University of Queensland
Title: “Islam – The Rational choice”

Friday, September 27: Brisbane
Morning – meeting with Dr. Mohamed Abdalla and the Griffith Islamic Research Unit.

Friday, September 27: Brisbane
Short talk
Topic: “Importance of giving articulating Islam”
Venue: TBC at Kuraby Mosque.

Friday, September 27: Brisbane
Evening  – Lecture – Title: “In Pursuit of Freedom”.
Venue:  Logan Mosque 7:30pm to 8:15pm.

Saturday, September 28: Brisbane
AlKauthar course Dawah Power
More details here

Sunday, September 29: Perth
AlKauthar course Dawah Power
More details here

Monday, September 30: Perth
Lunch time Lecture: “In Pursuit of Freedom” or “Islam – The Rational choice” or “The purpose of life”
Venue: TBC

Below are some draft flyers for the debates and the tour:

Melbourne Big Debate

Sydney Big Debate