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Holy Bible The Most Dangerous Book On Earth By Ammaar Saeed

Holy Bible The Most Dangerous Book On Earth By Ammaar Saeed

The bottom here is that the bible sings praises for illegal sex (fornication and adultery), lust and sexually immoral life style! And even if they were, which they clearly weren’t, this still doesn’t justify a husband speaking in such a pornographic way about his wife and a wife about her husband. There is absolutely no morality in this pornographic book! All it teaches is how to be lustful, loose and favor whoredom; like the Christians world-wide need any more of that! Look at their societies world-wide, you would see them notorious in sex without marriage, boyfriend-girlfriend relationships, alcohol, drugs, bikinis on beaches where 99% of the women’s bodies are totally exposed, pornography all over the internet, teenagers losing their virginities are early years, and much more. Is this the moral code that we must follow? The Quran teach morality and how to guard from evil eyes. The Quran creates a state in where the person is protected. The Quran teach the women should be covered, and not even one single verse talks about shameless stories unlike bible teaching openly, sexual relations betwen father and daughter and prostitution and incest cases. Let us compare Christian women with muslim women and decide yourself. The mother of Jesus was fully covered and Muslim women following the mother of Jesus, then why non christian women follow the teachings of the mother of Jesus.The true word of God is the Holy Qur’an that teaches morality. The Qur’an is a miracle of God, that millions of Muslims has memorized it without mistake including children. The Qur’an is unchanged since more than 1400 years, revealed to the last messenger of God, Muhammad (pbuh).




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