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Valentine’s Day Devil’s Day By Ammaar Saeed

Valentine’s Day Devil’s Day By Ammaar Saeed

 Valentine’s Day Devil’s Day By Abu Ammaar Saeed AHmed. In Islam, the two festivals are clearly defined and well established, and no additions or subtractions may be accepted. They are an essential part of our worship and there is no room for personal opinion. They have been prescribed for us by Allah and His Messenger (pbuh). Celebrating Valentine’s Day means resembling or imitating the pagan Romans. If it is not allowed in Islam to imitate non-Muslims rituals. There is no difference between joining them in their festival and joining them in their other rituals. Agreeing with the whole festival is agreeing with disbelief. Agreeing with some of their minor issues is the same as agreeing with them in some of the branches of disbelief. This new concept is started by shaitan to spread adultery in the name of Valentine’s Day.