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The Divine Reality


Around the world atheism is on the rise. Its leaders, eloquent and educated have written best-sellers, spoken at sold out venues and have popularised the atheist narrative.

Richard Dawkins claims God is a delusion. Sam Harris argues God is a fiction. Christopher Hitchens claimed that he would reject God even if He existed. Dan Dennet contends that the belief in God is a weakness. Lawrence Krauss tries to demonstrate that science and logic has buried the idea of a deity.

The arguments they use vary.

Why is the so much evil in the world? ‘God’ explains what science has yet to discover. Religion is poisonous. Religion is the source of war and evil. The concept of God doesn’t make sense. The universe can be explained via physical processes and natural phenomena. Evolution explains design in animals and humans. Quantum physics explains away God. You can be good without God. The belief in God doesn’t make you happy. God is immoral.

In light of the above, iERA, under the guidance of qualified Islamic scholars specialising in Islamic thought have designed a new workshop that will articulate a positive and cogent case for Islamic theism. The Divine Reality workshop will help you breakdown and address popular and academic atheist contentions with compassion and empathy. After attending this workshop you will be able to provide a strong case for the Islamic conception of God using ideas, concepts and principles based on Islamic sources, insha’Allah (God willing).

This exclusive workshop has been designed to empower you with the tools, concepts and arguments to respond to the atheist narrative using Islamic and Western references. In summary, this one day workshop will help you understand and internalise why God is a reality and why atheism is unnatural and irrational.

Register Now Manchester, December 2013

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7th December – Manchester


University of Salford, Mary Secole Building, G21, Manchester, M5 4WT

Starts: 9:45AM

Ends: 7PM


Hamza Andreas Tzortzis

In ‘The Divine Reality – Islam’s Response to Atheism’ you will cover the following topics:

1. Atheism: Past, Present and Future
2. The Absurdity of Life Without God
3. The Argument from Nature (fitrah)
4. The Qur’anic Argument for God’s Existence
5. The Argument from the Beginning of the Universe
6. The Designed Universe
7. The Argument from Consciousness
8. The Argument from Language and Reason
9. The Argument from Contingency
10. The Islamic Response to the Problem of Evil and Suffering
11. Know God, Know Good (Objective Morality)
12. God, Worship and Freedom
13. Is Religion a Force for Good?
14. Does Science Lead to Atheism?
15. Responses to Academic and Popular Contentions, Including:

– Who created God?
– The incoherence of the concept of God
– Evolution has buried God
– The God of the Gaps
– Who designed the designer?
– God is immoral
– Causality and time
– Quantum physics and causality
– Free will and predestination
– The Multiverse theory
– And much more!

We already held a workshop in London on 1 December, the next workshop in London will be held in early 2014.