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Amza Andreas Tzortzis Running for Great Ormond Street Hospital

GOSHLogoThere are so many great causes we can raise money for. I intend to run regularly (or at least do something!) to encourage people to raise money for good causes. The first of many causes I want to support is Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital. A dear brother and close friend’s child has received treatment at the hospital and the work they do is life saving and life changing. We all have a moral duty to support institutions that save children’s lives and strive for their recovery from serious illness and facilitate their good health – whether at home in the UK or abroad.

The money you give will:

  • Fund parent accommodation so that mum and dad can stay with their child when they need them most.
  • Support research into pioneering new treatments that can save children’s lives.
  • Rebuild and refurbish the hospital so we can treat up to 20 per cent more patients.
  • Pay for specialist medical equipment to give our patients the best possible chance of recovery.

Here’s more information on where your money will go.

Apart from the inbuilt human inclination to care for each other, another moral motivation comes from Islam. The Islamic spiritual tradition strongly encourages mercy, love, compassion and care for all children, including seeking cures for illnesses.

The Prophet Muhammad (upon whom be peace) said: “Whoever fails to show mercy to our children and honour to our elders is not one of us.” [Reference al-Tirmidhi]

RunHackneyThe Prophet Muhammad (upon whom be peace) said: “Those who show mercy will be shown mercy by the Most Merciful. Show mercy to those who are on earth and the One Who is in heaven will show mercy to you.” [Reference: Abu-Dawūd and al-Tirmidhi]

Anas ibn Malik (may God be pleased with him), recalls the compassion of the Prophet Muhammad (upon whom be peace) towards children: “I never saw anyone who was more compassionate towards children that God’s Messenger (upon whom be peace).” [Reference: Sahih Muslim]

The Prophet (upon whom be peace) encouraged seeking cures: “Seek medical treatment, for truly God as not send down a disease without sending down a cure for it.” [Reference: Musnad Ahmad ]

I’m running with colleagues at the Islamic Education and Research Academy (iERA), here is the team page. If you also want to participate and be part of the team you can register for the half marathon here.

Please donate generously. You can access my JustGiving page here. All proceeds go directly to Great Ormond Street Hospital. I’ll end with a universal truth:

“Charity does not decrease wealth.” The Prophet Muhammad (upon whom be peace) [Reference: Sahih Muslim]