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Rape And Murder In The Bible By Ammaar Saeed

Rape And Murder In The Bible By Ammaar Saeed

The purpose of this book is not to criticize Christianity or Bible but to spread the truth and knowledge for those who are not aware of the root cause of the problems like rape cases. USA senses data shows America has the highest rate of rape cases. Bible is the root cause of the entire problems, because of the teachings of the Bible because it is not the word of God. If the Bible is the true word of God, then ask yourself a question, why there are so many verses in the Bible talking about raping, fornication and adultery and incest relations and where is the original scripture of Jesus (pbuh) that teaches peace and mercy and love of God. The true word of God is the Holy Qur’an that teaches mercy and forgiving and love of God. The Qur’an is a miracle of God, that millions of Muslims has memorized it without mistake including children. The Qur’an is unchanged since more than 1400 years, revealed to the last messenger of God, Muhammad (pbuh).